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Breaking confetti eggs (or cascarones in Spanish) over people's heads is a fun traditional Mexican party game. The tradition has traveled the world and is believed to have its origins in China. Marcopolo brought them to Europe and Italians filled them with perfume powder and threw them at beautiful women. In the XIX Century, Emperor Maximilian brought the Italian tradition to Mexico, where the perfume was replaced with confetti.

The practice of making party products with tissue paper, such as pinatas and papel picado (paper streamers with detailed cut out decorations), is strong in Mexico and it came to include confetti eggs as well.

Holiday Parties

The tradition of painting eggs during Easter has merged with that of throwing confetti eggs, therefore are commonly used during this holiday. Also, its Mexican background makes them a popular game during Cinco de Mayo, San Antonio Fiesta Week and Day of the Dead. The custom has spread to other special days such as Halloween and weddings. 

How to Use Confetti Eggs

 As a Party Game: The main purpose of confetti eggs is breaking them over people's heads to shower them with confetti. You can either break them in your hand first and then throw the confetti found inside on people's heads, or you can break them directly by pressing them over their heads. Our confetti eggs are made of real egg shells and will break with little pressure. It doesn't hurt, they are cleaned to meet American sanitary standards and are lots of fun!

Easter Egg Hunt: Many people prefer to hide our cascarones than use eggs painted by themselves. Decorating Easter eggs can be very time consuming and expensive, while chocolate eggs usually melt in their hiding places! 

As Decorations: Our brightly colored confetti eggs are used to fill Easter baskets that make gorgeous centerpieces. They are also used to decorate fiesta themed parties, baby showers, kids birthdays and many other special events.

As Wedding Favors: Other than throwing rice or bubbles for the newly wed, today people are delighted in breaking confetti eggs on the bride, groom and guests! This fun colorful explosion makes a great setting for wedding pictures.